SSG Rules

General Rules

  1. No trucks entering or leaving the pit may use County Road 20, unless delivering materials to a site on CR 20.
  2. All visitors at the pit are required to wear a hard hat, safety glasses, and hearing protection, where posted, when not inside the cab of a vehicle or office.
  3. Drivers must remain in their trucks while in the pit, we have improved our CB radio reception and operate on Channel 8.
  4. Speed limit is 15 m.p.h. on mine property.
  5. Please ask a pit employee for dumping location before dumping any material.
  6. Truck tare weights are required once per day for exporting materials.
  7. No smoking allowed near diesel or gas engines or in the scale house.
  8. Right hand (normal) traffic patterns are used on mine property.
  9. Only approach mobile equipment if absolutely necessary, eye contact and a hand signal must be established with the operator prior to entering their working area.
  10. Never drive between a loader operator and processing equipment or stockpile. Consistent and repetitive movements are made when feeding processing equipment.
  11. First time visitors must stop at the scale house to speak with a pit employee and receive site specific training.
  12. All visitors and truck drivers must complete site specific training when returning to the pit for the first time in a calendar year.

Temporary Closures due to limited visibility

If limited visibility exists at the pit entrance due to fog or white out conditions, known potential customers will receive an automated phone call on their cell phone and an automated email notifying them, “the pit is closed until further notice.” When the visibility conditions improve these known customers will receive another phone call and email notifying them, “the pit is open for business again.” Also, there will be a sign placed at the entrance road during these low visibility events which states, “Pit Closed.”

Please avoid turning onto the entrance road if the “Pit Closed” sign is displayed at the entrance. The purpose of this procedure is to prevent trucks from turning on/off Hwy. 131 at the pit’s entrance road during low visibility events. Alpine Aggregates appreciates your business and understanding of our unique operational procedures.