Frequently Asked Questions

Alpine Aggregates has gone to great lengths to ensure minimal visual and noise level impacts to the surrounding community. We have completed numerous impact studies with ample input from the public. Alpine Aggregates managers have visited all surrounding property owners to gain input and to view and listen to the pit’s operation from each unique vantage point. This has allowed management to select the most obscure and remote location for placement of processing equipment. In addition, numerous visual screening berms have been created both on and off pit property as well as heavy vegetation planting. White noise back-up alarms have been installed on all mobile equipment which operates in the pit to reduce noise. Also, a 10' berm was constructed around the perimeter of the processing pit and the processing area will ultimately be recessed 20' into the ground. These measures have been taken to eliminate almost all visual and noise level impacts for our neighbors and surrounding community.

Yes, we do accept fill, concrete, and asphalt dumping at the pit, but with certain restrictions. We will only accept clean, inert fill material for dumping which will be visually inspected for debris as well as scanned with a portable handheld VOC detector to pass inspection. Inert fill is defined as, “earth or rock fill or waste of a similar nature that contains no putrescible materials or soluble or decomposable chemical substances. It is recommended to talk to the Pit Superintendent before hauling fill to the site in order to avoid headaches for both parties. Concrete with or without mesh will be accepted but we will not accept concrete which contains rebar at this time. Clean asphalt will be accepted, but please try to separate fill from asphalt as much as possible.

Yes, we offer a material delivery service through Native Excavating’s trucking operation. Please note that Native will add a nominal fee to material cost for customers who do not have an account with Alpine Aggregates. If you do have an account with Alpine Aggregates you will receive two separate invoices, one from Alpine for materials and another from Native for delivery. Native’s delivery charges can be viewed on our Price List.

A current material price list can be found here or by calling the pit at (970) 846-4701. This price list is updated throughout the season. If you have an upcoming project which requires a substantial amount of material we do not produce at the pit, please contact the Mine Superintendent via the “Contact Us” section to discuss options to create a product specifically for your needs.

Yes, you may view our materials prior to making a purchase. In order to avoid increased traffic in the pit we carry a sample of most products at the scale house. For larger products such as boulders, a pit employee will escort you from the scale-house to the pit to view these products.

We accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover). You may also pay for materials with cash, check, or through a credit account. We have a minimum charge of $20 for materials. A credit application to set up an account with Alpine Aggregates can be found on the “Price List” section of our website. Please allow ample time to complete the credit application process. Note, if you have an account with Alpine and choose to have Native Excavating deliver the materials, you will receive two separate invoices, one for materials and one for delivery.


Yes, you may use our scale to weigh your hay, but we will charge a fee of $20. This is to account for impacts to truck traffic. Our scale is 10’ x 60’ and we can do split weights if necessary.

We require that your truck gets a tare weight prior to your first exported load of the day. That tare weight will be used for the remainder of the day. We charge imported loads by the truck, so you do not need a tare weight for imported loads only.