About Us

Mission Statement

Alpine Aggregates exists to ensure the continued supply of local, high quality sand and gravel products through the employment of safe, efficient, and low impact mining. We value the safety and well-being of our employees, responsible resource management, and the integrity of our community.

Further public benefits have been identified as follows:

  • Lessening truck impacts through downtown Steamboat Springs by locating a gravel operation south of town and providing ease of delivery to South Steamboat Springs and South Routt County, as well as other parts of the County.
  • Preservation and enhancement of the agricultural meadow adjacent to SH 131
  • Off-site creation of higher quality wetlands for wildlife and other wetland functions
  • Conservation of off-site land to offset mining impacts
  • Minimal acreage disturbance; Alpine Aggregates will work to only have approximately 10 acres disturbed at any given time (5 acres of mining and 5 acres of reclamation).
  • Extensive new tree and willow planting around the site to improve habitat. Alpine Aggregates is working to set a new standard for gravel operations and reclamation efforts. We will aim to produce an end product which maximizes usage of hay meadows and wetlands expansions.