Native Excavating Winter Services


Native Excavating is available each winter for your commercial, residential, and subdivision plowing and shoveling needs.


On-top of our plowing operations, we offer a "sanding” service, whereby scoria-sand is spread on your driveway/parking lot/road daily to prevent vehicle slippage. We plow on storms of 4 inches or more (2" for commercial properties), and are always available on an on-call basis. We do not run chains on any of our equipment (reducing surface scratches) and plow with the most complete fleet in the industry. No matter how small or large the job, we are equipped to handle your plowing needs.


Native Excavating is pleased to provide snow shovel services to the greater Steamboat area. Whether you need a deck, propane tank, or your full driveway cleared with a blower; we're ready to assist. Native will also be providing commercial shoveling services, including de-icer application as desired.

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Please call our office at 970.879.6231 or email us to request a free quote for your driveway, road, or commercial property.