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About Us

Since being founded 1981, Native Excavating has grown into one of the largest construction companies in Steamboat Springs.

Ed MacArthur graduated from CSU in 1979 and came to Steamboat Springs with his wife, June following close behind. When they first arrived in Steamboat, June worked as a secretary at the Mount Werner Water District and Ed was still making a living in construction.

In 1981, Ed decided to go into business for himself and scraped together enough money to buy the rubber-tired backhoe that would pave the future of Native Excavating Inc.

Native Excavating community

After getting married in 1982, Ed's determination in the business and June's ability to run the company's small office proved to be the perfect recipe for success. Over the years, the company has grown along with Steamboat and has surpassed all of Ed's expectations. "We are so fortunate," he said. "We feel so blessed that we have been able to grow with the community." June was a natural when it came to running the new company's front office. As the office grew, so did June's knowledge of the business.

Since those early years, Native Excavating has grown into one of the biggest construction companies in Steamboat. With over 70 pieces of heavy equipment, Native completes around 120 projects across Colorado each year. Their scope of work includes all aspects of road building, sewer, water, and storm sewer installation, foundation work, and snow plowing in the winter months. Native has 45 year-round employees and 110 during the peak season in the summer.

Over the years, the MacArthurs and Native Excavating have grown with Steamboat, but the MacArthurs have never forgotten about the community that has supported them.

Native Excavating has donated equipment, time and money to projects like the Alpine slide, the Winter Sports Club's weight room, the water ramps east of Steamboat and the new Nordic jump facility at Howelsen Hill.